USAW Community Development Training Site

Learn more about the opportunities provided by the USA weightlifting community development site at Crown Performance.

  1. Provide assistance to our coaches, athletes and officials in achieving their goals in advancing themselves to the local, regional, national and international levels of our sport.
  2. To provide an Outreach Program to all interested individuals and organizations that wish to pursue weightlifting as a sport or assist these same groups in safely and effective using the weightlifting movements to improve their performance in their chosen sport.
  3. To provide guidance and adherence to the USAW’s Athlete Development Model (ADM) so that all training is both appropriate and beneficial to the physical, social, mental and spiritual wellbeing of our youngest participants.
  4. To promote the values of Safe Sport and their Mission Statement of allowing all athletes the right to participate in sports free from bullying, hazing, and any form of misconduct or abuse be it emotional, physical or sexual.

Crown Performance is a world class fitness facility serving the local towns of Boise,Garden City, Meridian, Eagle

We are a USAW Community Development Site

Whether you are looking to get in shape through personal training or through our group classes, we invite you to come work hard and get results as part of our community!

A little more about us:

  • We offer over 11 class options each week including:
    • Weightlifting
    • Multiple Functional Fitness Programs
  • Our facility is comprised of over 3500 square feet.
  • We have the top of the line equipment, and lots of it!
  • Our staff is made up of highly experienced and qualified coaches who hold a variety of certifications that make us the most diverse gym in the area.

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We know walking through the door is the hardest part. You take the first step and we’ll meet you where you are.

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